What we do

Mabel, a lady in her mid 80’s, was referred to Supporting Older People by her GP, who felt we would be the ideal charity to help her. 

Mabel’s husband had died of cancer and deteriorated so quickly at the end that she had very little time to come to terms with this. Mabel suffered from anxiety and tended to fixate and worry about things. She had, and still has limited mobility, which restricts her going out and about.  She has no immediate family and only a couple of friends. 

Her GP suggested Supporting Older People as a way of meeting new friends and having someone to chat to.

The Home Visiting Scheme Manager introduced Mabel to a volunteer called Hannah.  Hannah had come to Supporting Older People on the recommendation of another volunteer who enjoyed it so much she encouraged her friend to participate.  Hannah is a full time mum and felt she wanted to make a difference to the life of an older person. 

The pair immediately hit it off, finding common ground to chat and Mabel enjoyed seeing Hannah’s little boy.  During the time Hannah has been visiting, Mabel has had concerns about builders and Hannah immediately contacted the SOP office to discuss this. We were able as a result to find ways to help Mabel. 

Hannah now visits on a weekly basis; they enjoy going out shopping, out for tea or just sit and chat enjoying each other’s company. When Mabel had a leaky pipe in her kitchen Hannah was on hand to help with clearing up. Birthdays are celebrated with a trip to Harlow Carr for a walk around the gardens followed by afternoon tea.

Mabel says, “Hannah is now a friend, a lovely lady with a wonderful disposition. She is constant in my life”.  She also expressed her thanks to Supporting Older People for introducing her to Hannah.

(All names changed to preserve confidentiality)